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Business Outlook 2018
Capability Workshop

SME Centre@SCCCI and SME Centre@Central organise Capability and Group-based Diagnostic Workshops to help SMEs and heartland enterprises in strengthening their business foundations for growth. The 4 capability areas are Productivity, Marketing, Human Resource (HR) and Financial Management.


We organise monthly productivity workshops to share about fundamental concepts and toolkits such as lean management, 5S, 7W and process redesign to improve productivity and profitability. The relevant topics may range from measurement and tracking, benchmarking, financial analysis and introduction to productivity solutions with focus on retail and F&B sectors to help businesses streamline processes and cope with rising cost and manpower issues.


We collaborate with marketing and branding experts to elaborate on concepts to develop marketing strategies to strengthen value proposition and enhance market development. The relevant topics include brand development, market assessment and planning, marketing strategy development and tracking as well as group-based marketing diagnosis to provide in-depth learning on how various established marketing toolkits can be applied in developing actionable marketing plans.

HR & Financial Management

We organise human resource (HR) and financial management workshops to share concepts of basic HR and financial management practices and self-help toolkits which are key to developing a strong foundation in supporting the growth of an SME. The HR topics will encompass recruitment and selection, learning and development, performance management and talent management. Financial management workshops are designed to equip SMEs with the basic knowledge to better manage their cash flow and develop simple roadmaps to improve their financial performance. Topics cover include planning and budgeting, cash flow management and financial benchmarking. 

Group-Based Diagnostic Workshops

Group-based diagnostic workshops are designed to help SMEs conduct their own assessment to identify their gaps and develop a roadmap for improvement. The group diagnosis on Capability Development will provide the SMEs an opportunity to conduct a quick self-assessment by using a diagnostic tool developed based on the Business Excellence framework to identify their competency gaps and prioritise their business capability needs towards meeting their growth objectives. The other capability-related group-based diagnosis including Marketing Diagnosis will address critical factors or fundamental building blocks of the capability area that need to be in place within an enterprise or a specific sector. The workshops may cover self-assessment using specific toolkits, case studies to illustrate pitfalls or effective applications of practices or strategies, relevant solutions to address common challenges.

For more information on upcoming events, please visit our event calendar.

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