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Cashless Payment Made Easy for Retail & F&B Sectors

Under the group-based upgrading project by SME Centre@SCCCI, heartland retailers and restaurants were able to tap on the government support grants to adopt the cashless payment system which accepts various forms of digital payment options such as NETS, credit card, debit card, Alipay, Fave etc. The integration of data analytics has help businesses to better keep track of their inventory, reduce manpower shortage issue and cut down on operational cost.
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无现金支付系统投资太高,小本商家负担不起?” Chinese Entrepreneur Article, Issue 1, P24-26


Group-Based Solutions for Business Success

SME Centre@SCCCI has undertaken a group-based upgrading project to help the food & beverage businesses enhance their productivity through technologies that enable workflow redesign and automation at the front-of-house. The solutions introduced include e-POS, wireless paging, mobile ordering and payment system and self-service kiosk. These solutions have enabled the SMEs to address their manpower challenges, improve operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.
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“Group-Based Solutions For Business Success” SPRINGnews Article, Jul 2017, P13

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